queries in access 2007

an important update

As you know, it's always difficult to keep up with software versions.

We've been caught in this conundrum too. Before we've had time to complete the tutorials on Access 2007, Microsoft has come up with Access 2010. Fortunately for developers, Access 2010 is not much different from Access 2007, at least at the elementary level at which we are now working.

So, in order to keep these lessons as relevant as possible, we are going to switch over to Access 2010 for the rest of the tutorials.

Don't worry! The transition is going to be seamless. The differences between versions are so minor that you can continue developing the applications with Access 2007, exactly as you've been doing. We are going to keep the Mike's Garage app going and in addition we'll create a new app on Financial Services that you'll find very interesting.

Any databse that you created or that you downloaded from the samples area can be used directly in Access 2010 if you get that version of the software.

So, from here go to the MS-Access2010 tutorials website and follow the links to the tutorials.