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  • Discovering the new interface
    Access 2007 has been updated with a fresh look. The main window has a tabbed work area where all open objects reside, helping to keep the development area clean and tidy.

  • Learn Database modeling
    Even though the pre-built applications will greatly simplify your work, you will still have to design your own custom apps. Since good database structure is an essential prerequisite of database efficiency, it's necessary to spend some time on the basics of relational design.
    Develop data model for the sample application: Mike's Garage.

  • Creating tables
    Access 2007 makes it easier to work directly within a datasheet to create and customize tables. Enter information into a data cell--just as you would do in Microsoft Office Excel--and if it's a new value, Access 2007 automatically adds a new field and detects the data type (for example, date, number, or text).
    Build the tables for the MikeGarage sample app.

  • Creating forms
    Access 2007 features an intuitive, user-friendly, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) forms design interface. This means you can design and modify the form layout in real time on the screen and preview your form as you build it.
    Download the MikeGarage sample database.

  • Building queries
    Access 2007 makes it easier to filter data, bringing clarity to business questions. Different filter options are available for text, numbers, and date data types.

  • Download sample databases
    Free Access 2007 database applications that you can download.

  • MS Access 2010 tutorials
    Learn Access with the latest version. You can keep the same applications you've been using.

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